Working from home decreased everyone's visibility professionally and personally, too. Digital visibility has become more critical - but requires a new way of thinking, new skills to maintain our "share of voice", personal brand awareness, or grow.
Many senior professionals, executives built their B2B personal brand in the physical world while career starters have not got enough experience in building their B2B network - so it's time to upgrade our digital professional presence.
If you're a professional in media, marketing, advertising, tech, law, regulation, policymaking, design and data science and understand the new needs to thrive in the digital space or looking for the next level, we invite you to join the next Mediaspace Global Networking.
Meet our special guests and other Mediaspace members, not just profiles - and start new conversations with other members, too.
Before the members-to-members conversations, Hamish Sandison will have a chat with our special guests on their latest experiences on digital personal branding, the job/recruitment market trends. We'll also discuss how middle- and high-level professionals can reach the next level of their careers and why digital networking is your new superpower.
On the 30th of September, our special guests will be 
Laura Braithwaite, co-founder of Libertyhive, a job platform for freelance media professionals and Dan White marketing expert and illustrator, author of The Soft Skills.

The event is free for members - SIGN UP FOR MEDIASPACE HERE. 


Until the event, please check out below what you could benefit from becoming a Global Ambassador of


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