• Sep 26, 2024 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm
  • Location: The Royal Society of Arts, 8 John Adam St, London WC2N 6EZ, United Kingdom
  • Latest Activity: Jun 27

Our progressive conversations revolve around the shift in the digital media and advertising space related to new regulatory frameworks and their impacts, so we help you as a Leadership Club member stay ahead of the market and find new opportunities. Our invite-only conversations provide high engagement and knowledge-exchange among high-level decision-makers in a unique cross-sector way under Chatham House Rules.

Our Q3 roundtable focuses on how market power and privacy are connected in the day-to-day work for marketers, agencies, and shat structural changes are happening that C-level decision makers need to be aware of. On the other side, legal and regularory experts and decision-maker members will  

We'll discuss not only challenges but opportunities, as well, in a professional diverse, invite-only, high-level conversation. 

Members of Media Law International Network on Mediasspace (a premium membership club at Mediaspace.global in partnership with MLI) are also invited to join, as well as leaders in media, marketing and adtech decision-makers and innovators.

This is an invite-only roundtable for our premium members at the global Leadership Club

On top of our free membership for registered professionals, Mediaspace.global offers premium individual and corporate membership for C-suites, seniors & leaders in business, government and academia.

We provide our Leadership Club members with 12+ roundtables a year for progressive, uniquely insightful, impartial conversations. 

We've got 12 seats around this physical table at The Royal Society of Arts (as seen in the image) in London for leading professionals in media, marketing, adtech, law, regulation and innovation to meet up - it ensures quality connections and knowledge exchange.

All Leadership Club roundtables are under Chatham House Rules so they're more informal - and the roundtable format makes it truly interactive and engaging.

If you want to stay ahead of the market by being part of a diverse conversation with market / legal / business / competition / adtech professionals and innovators to learn from, test your views, and share your insights and innovation with, you can't miss the Mediaspace roundtables!


  • Welcome by Hamish Sandison, dual international lawyer, chair of Mediaspace.global and Kinga Incze, founder & CEO of Mediaspace.global
  • Keynote speech: to be announced later
  • Facilitated conversation hosted by Hamish Sandison
  • Networking

Who is Mediaspace.global Leadership Club for?

  • For senior and ambitious professionals in media, marketing, tech and regulation and want to be part of 1000 premium members globally with a changemaker mindset 
  • Interested in being part of meaningful, high-level conversations about market and regulatory shifts
  • Interested in further building your network outside your current circles

How to join this session?

    1. Sign up for Mediaspace.global here.
    2. If you're a Leadership Club member already, just book your seat on this page above.
    3. If you're not a premium member yet, join us

Please note that only confirmed attendees can join our premium membership sessions so we can ensure there's a great mix of professionals and decision-makers you meet each time.

What our premium members say about Mediaspace Leadership Club London

4 unique benefits of Mediaspace.global's Leadership Club

  1. Hottest topics at the intersection of media, adtech, market trends, regulation and innovation. - The best way to stay ahead of the market.
  2. Independent platform. Mediaspace.global is an independent platform. You'll meet new views and innovative solutions as well as mainstream players' perspectives.
  3. Unique format. Interactive format with limited seats under Chatham House Rules (behind closed doors, confidential meetups). - One of the best ways to exchange knowledge, and meet innovators and insiders are through our roundtable with limited seats. Quality conversations, debates; warm introductions, and high-level connections.
  4. Global network. Due to our online club sessions (with the same rules) you can find new opportunities and knowledge that you wouldn't find otherwise.


Stay well-informed and well-connected. Join Mediaspace.global and check other sessions online and in-person!

Looking forward to meeting you soon,

Kinga Incze Founder & CEO, Hamish Sandison Chairman,  Phil McCauley Non-executive director of Mediaspace, operated by Whitereport Global Limited.



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