If you have been working hard in a leadership position or are preparing for your next career move, but you didn’t deal with your professional visibility and brand since the pandemic, this video course which includes a free consultation is designed for you.

According to the Harvard Business Review, we lost an average of 16% of our connections just in the first year of the global pandemic. A year later, in the hybrid era, we still feel and are isolated. has been leading the way in digital networking. We launched our platform with digital networking sessions and interactive events when most people and companies went dark because of the pandemic.

Our first members - leading professionals from 70+ countries - are those who understood why it's even more important during and post-pandemic to be visible and well-connected.

We’ve been building a global network where people can meet professionals from all around the world, not just profiles and it’s been a fruitful journey seeing how members have found collaborators, partners, and clients via our platform.

Understanding the need for more professionals to be more digitally active and prominent, we've decided to create this unique course.

  • It condenses our 2-year experience in a 3-hour course to share the most important skills and approaches with you in a focused, pragmatic way.
  • We’ll also provide you with this platform and the Mediaspace Global Networking monthly sessions to practice - it's free for all Mediaspace registered members. So, you can learn by doing.
  • We’ve invited some of our members to speak - incredible community builders who also started something extraordinary during COVID. 

We believe this intense course will help you and your teams upgrade the Professional You to the digital space, reconnect and grow your network further to stay visible and ahead of the market in the hybrid world too. 

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It’s an online course in 3 modules with 12 easy-to-digest video lessons, plus a module with 4 practices and a 30-minute consultation with a Mediaspace leader. On completion, you'll receive the Well-Connected Leader Course Certificate issued by 


  • Module 1 - How to upgrade the professional you & your visibility in the hybrid era:  4 x 15-min long video lessons
  • Module 2 - Your network as a hidden driver to succeed & how to reconnect and grow your network in the digital space: 4 x 15-min long video lessons
  • Module 3 - Women module for all genders & The importance of network diversity in general: 4 x 15-min long video lessons
  • Module 4: Do it -  4 practices 

In the end, you’ll leave being skilled for the hybrid era - and you’ll also get an official certificate in digital networking. Finally, you’ll become a part of the Mediaspace global network to meet leading professionals outside your current circles. Super exciting, isn't it? Pre-register here


This online, on-demand video course starts in May 2022. Until then, pre-register here, so we can send you a notification when the course is public - no commitment to ordering anything if you pre-register your interest.

Course value ( including all video lessons, practical sessions, 30-minute live consultation and a certificate): 599 Euros │ Course price: 299 Euros │ Pre-registration course offer: 99 Euros, for Mediaspace member: only 75 euros Pre-register here

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