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Mediaspace is a vertical social platform - a B2B/B2G startup, operated by Whitereport Global Limited (London) with a back-office in Budapest.

The company board consists of
Founder, Kinga Incze, who is a former media agency executive, media expert and govtech innovator,
Chairman Hamish Sandison, international lawyer and
Non-executive director Phil McCauley, serial entrepreneur.

We’re proud to enjoy support from our virtual Leadership Group of high level industry experts and decision makers from London through New York to Dubai and Delhi.

Mediaspace is free to sign up. Subscription offers and high-level professional events will be introduced during the year.

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"Just having a clear understanding of general users, creates opportunities for audience segmentation, it creates opportunities for marketing beyond the use of cookies because you can now target to any level and all other possibilities. Larger opportunities for advertising than you would find with either website publishers or with DSP's (demand-side platforms)…

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"As I come from a not very high income country, that’s also a real problem where you can have, you know, high level internet [connection] or you have that width that we need for online courses. In some cases our students don’t have the gadgets, they don’t have laptops or the laptops are kind of old laptops.” – …

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"Part of the challenge is how do we move from pattern-matching to something that more closely approximate what we assume as considered to be an understanding of what the content is...” – Ansgar Keone, Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader at Ernst and Young and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham.

Mediaspace brings you exclusive…

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"What we have seen in several market research that consumers sort of one day they want positivity and security from advertising - that's one thing. .... They tend to spend less time in shops for which they are doing quick and automatic decision and brand owners need to you know react to this kind of attitude meaning that brands need to be at customer minds and…

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Mediaspace event: #Followthemoney

Regulation Meets Market & Innovation event series 2.: #Followthemoney

Digital ad market | Taxation | Brands in economic recovery

The digital economy and international taxation challenges are on the G20 Agenda - the Leaders’ Summit was virtually hosted by Saudi Arabia on the 21-22 November.

Following the G20 Leaders’ Summit,…

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"First and foremost is safety and security and complaints as we see the world evolve from cookies to a world beyond cookies. Each of these technologies are reliant on some kind of a connecting device that understands the consumer and takes it from audience understanding to audience activation. And a fragmented economic ecosystem right like what we have today…

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Exclusive video interview with Dmitry Shishkin

"It's very hard to actually get the right engagement going because you can get the users initially very quickly in and inflate the numbers. I mean we have seen situations you know with publishers getting you know tens of millions of people every month. And then you start actually digging deeper and you realize that actually if you look at the daily engaged…

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