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Cross-media competition. Digital transformation.
Outdated regulation and taxation. Money and trust issues.
Pandemic, global crisis, social distancing.

Relying on the power of community and collaboration,
Mediaspace provides a central independent social platform
to connect stakeholders.

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Mediaspace provides a virtual space for a wide range of professionals
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  • Digital platform specialists
  • Regulators, policy makers, trade bodies
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  • Academics, NGO's
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Mediaspace is a vertical social platform - a B2B/B2G startup, operated by Whitereport Global Limited (London) with a back-office in Budapest.

The company board consists of
Founder, Kinga Incze, who is a former media agency executive, media expert and govtech innovator,
Chairman Hamish Sandison, international lawyer and
Non-executive director Phil McCauley, serial entrepreneur.

We’re proud to enjoy support from our virtual Leadership Group of high level industry experts and decision makers from London through New York to Dubai and Delhi.

Mediaspace is free to sign up. Subscription offers and high-level professional events will be introduced during the year.

Interested in collaboration? Contact us!

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Kinga Incze posted
4 hours ago
Zsolt Horváth, Phil Smith and Sam Fakhoury joined
Mediaspace posted
"EU court in July ruled there were insufficient safeguards against snooping by US intelligence…
Mediaspace posted
"Media owners must find a sweet spot in the balance between reader and advertiser revenue to be…
Mediaspace posted
"The plot is that this sixteen year old girl is filming with her phone and we see these small clips…
Mediaspace posted
"When it comes to protecting users’ personal information and providing a safe online environment,…
Mediaspace posted a video
"The plot is that this sixteen year old girl is filming with her phone and we see these small clips…
Daniel Goldberg, Riccardo Guggiola and Csaba Tóth joined
Dóra Kövendi is now a member of
Mediaspace posted
"There’s always opportunities. The lack of 'something', less money, restrictions always make us as…
Éva Dancs and Eniko Maior joined
Mediaspace posted
"Don’t stop! For a lot of startups obviously a thing like COVID is a real dealbreaker and they’re…
Maria, Katalin Papp, Dmitry Redko and 1 more joined
Kata Kántor posted
Parrot Analytics Regional Director Alejandro Rojas suggests that there are four distinct phases…
Timea Nagy posted an event

Nov 12, 2020 all day


Timea Nagy posted an event

Oct 6, 2020 to Oct 29, 2020

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"There’s always opportunities. The lack of 'something', less money, restrictions always make us as companies, also more creative, more innovative, more efficient. And these can be learnt from each other. That’s why international associations have important roles in these challenging times...connecting professionals, conducting research, webinars, conferences,…

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"Don’t stop! For a lot of startups obviously a thing like COVID is a real dealbreaker and they’re afraid of going forward – but please don’t be... don’t stick to the old habits like print is not coming back because of Corona, so I think we still need innovation and the digital change and we need people running for us.

So that’s why we don’t stop. We…

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"The whole topic is around data. Everyone’s revolving around data, focusing on data. However, I think, since we’re in the sort of  ’attention merchant’ business, we’re trying to grab people’s attention and trying to make them entertained and doing stuff that’s interesting and engaging and exciting to them, I don’t really think data is the holy grail. Because,…

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"I think you need to continue to network as best as you can and keep in touch with colleagues in your own organisation and colleagues in your sector. ... because my own guess is that when we’re all starting to go back to an office environment much more, it’ll be the men who’ll be in the offices before the women. And it’ll be the men who’ll therefore be more…

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