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In these extraordinary times of uncertainty, global crisis, outdated regulation and social distancing, your professional network is more important than ever


COVID-born Mediaspace helps you grow a valuable professional network, stay up-to-date and find new opportunities in this new normal and beyond.


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Mediaspace is a vertical social platform - a B2B/B2G startup, operated by Whitereport Global Limited (London) with a back-office in Budapest.

The company board consists of
Founder, Kinga Incze, who is a former media agency executive, media expert and govtech innovator,
Chairman Hamish Sandison, international lawyer and
Non-executive director Phil McCauley, serial entrepreneur.

We’re proud to enjoy support from our virtual Leadership Group of high level industry experts and decision makers from London through New York to Dubai and Delhi.

Mediaspace is free to sign up. Subscription offers and high-level professional events will be introduced during the year.

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"The first [challenge] is rate of change and the inability to predict what the browsers are going to do. So reaching your consumer whether they're at home or at work is a bit of a challenge, but right now navigating privacy and its impact on how marketers can do their job, how you recognize, how you understand clients, prospects, visitors etc is a bit…

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"And I think the other piece to this, and related to this is the shift to direct-to-consumer. It’s forcing marketers to learn new skills and consumers are learning new skills, too. They’re learning to shop for everything online and in fact they’re finding that it’s really easy to buy their favourite brands but also try new brands online. And I think that’s…

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"So the thing about the recent events, the things like the pandemic, I think, that has accelerated this process in some way. And so there is, you know, more need for that and particular demand at the moment - agencies in demand, you've got digital agencies are always in demand, data businesses are in demand, consultancies of all types and also geographically…

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