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Cross-media competition. Digital transformation.
Outdated regulation and taxation. Money and trust issues.
Pandemic, global crisis, social distancing.

Relying on the power of community and collaboration,
Mediaspace provides a central independent social platform
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Mediaspace provides a virtual space for a wide range of professionals
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Mediaspace is a vertical social platform - a B2B/B2G startup, operated by Whitereport Global Limited (London) with a back-office in Budapest.

The company board consists of
Founder, Kinga Incze, who is a former media agency executive, media expert and govtech innovator,
Chairman Hamish Sandison, international lawyer and
Non-executive director Phil McCauley, serial entrepreneur.

We’re proud to enjoy support from our virtual Leadership Group of high level industry experts and decision makers from London through New York to Dubai and Delhi.

Mediaspace is free to sign up. Subscription offers and high-level professional events will be introduced during the year.

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Mediaspace posted
Twitter said on Monday that it was under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission for potentia…
1 hour ago
Mediaspace posted
Axios reports that TikTok announced new rules for its users on Wednesday to curb misinformation and…
1 hour ago
Szilvia Marton posted
4 hours ago
Andreas Gebhard and Jason Thorne joined
7 hours ago
Mediaspace posted
This is Ofcom’s third annual Media Nations report, a reference publication for industry, policy mak…
8 hours ago
Mediaspace posted
If ByteDance is forced to sell TikTok to another company, there are places worse than Microsoft whe…
12 hours ago
Mediaspace posted
"Goal is to ensure a sustainable future of digital media for businesses and consumers
Governing gro…
13 hours ago
Mediaspace posted
The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent country lockdowns have driven ten years of e-commerce growth i…
22 hours ago
Kinga Incze posted
22 hours ago
Mediaspace posted
Dive Brief:"The COVID-19 pandemic and recent racial justice issues have changed the brand preferenc…
22 hours ago
Mediaspace posted
"With the sun rapidly setting on third-party cookies, a persistent global pandemic, and social and…
22 hours ago
Mediaspace posted
"Australian media will be able to bargain with Google and Facebook to quickly secure fair payment f…
22 hours ago
Mediaspace posted
"Worldwide jurisdictions and particularly the EU and the US should formulate “common visions” on ho…
22 hours ago
Andras Kapuvari posted
Marco Callegari, Attila Kassitzky and Gábor Kéri joined
Mediaspace posted
"BuzzFeed has long recommended products to its audience, earning a cut of the revenue when readers…


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Welcome to the first of three special episodes of Mediaspace Members’ Daily. We’ll be reflecting back on some of the highlights from our interviews over the past few months since we launched!

Mediaspace has beta launched on the 12 May 2020, in historic times when the COVID crisis was around its peak, the economy and the media industry was strongly hit, social distancing was the new norm. Our daily Zoom…

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"Actually, we [KMPG] have had a global survey, more than 10 thousand participants were in the survey, it’s a global survey regarding the HR directors’ and employees’ opinion of what COVID causes in the business community, in the companies they’re working for. ... Among employees the most focus was on the job security, and of course health safety and the…

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"The opportunity now is the fact that the world is changed, for pretty much every sector of the world is changed. And we need to find out, and companies need to find out how it’s it’s impacting their clients, their consumers – and that’s tough.

Because we’ve built a knowledge over…

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"So our aim is to make our department [Department for International Trade of the UK in Paris] a great place to work for all people from any gender, and also to be an example government department for gender equality. I definitely believe that having an inclusive place to work allows for employees to have a higher satisfaction rate. To have the right support…

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