"The first [challenge] is rate of change and the inability to predict what the browsers are going to do. So reaching your consumer whether they're at home or at work is a bit of a challenge, but right now navigating privacy and its impact on how marketers can do their job, how you recognize, how you understand clients, prospects, visitors etc is a bit challenging between GDPR. And we're seeing a lot of change in the marketplace as I would view that as probably my number one challenge.

My number two is understanding the customer journey as they move in and out of the walled gardens. It's kind of like me being in and out of the black hole. So I think that between privacy and lack of visibility, lack of transparency the marketer's job has been complicated and we expect that it's going to take the next two/three years to kind of work through it. And we will need a new data and identity ecosystem and we need some consistency in regulation.” – Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Partner at Winterberry Group.

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