"So, you know, the [advertising] industry will continue to deal with transparency, privacy, building a new infrastructure in the post-cookie environment, blurring of advertising and information. Building the new economy is critical, and there’s the traditional issues of content control... the content control issues of attempts to impose social agendas through restricting of advertising, whether it is sugar products or carbonated products or fatty food or drugs...those content control issues happened well beyond the traditional tabacco and alcohol products. During-COVID it’s so critical because the world is shifting, the scenes are shifting and all these issues that have been issues are becoming critical mass for this industry.

What we’ll critically need to do is be resilient. We need to identify and trust our skills. ... And we have to trust the fact that advertising will be the field to build the economy and I think that we need to do what we do to build the economy, to promote the products and the brands and to be resilient as we’re doing that and trust and respect the value of advertising. And the advertising industry can service a great purpose at this time.”: said Carla Michelotti, attorney and Strategic Marketing Consultant working with industry groups and brands.

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