"My main priority right now, I think, should be in the public policy side of things... because democracy depends on journalism there has to be a way for a public policy to support journalism. 'We should kind of give up the ghost on hope for commercial models and turn I think surprisingly to a device that actually exists here in Hungary' - not really a place known for its robust media system, but they do have a feature of their tax law that came in long long ago after the end of the cold war in which individual taxpayers can check off individual charity for support and give them a tax credit. It's just a part of the tax. It's a tax credit part of the money they would already paid to the government will be devoted to a specific organization and in this case in Hungary it also happens to allow inclusion of NGO’s that do news. So that some kind of a program like that I think would in a single stroke help revive the US local news if people could be induced to check off any news organization...”  - Dean Starkman, Fellow at the Center for Media, Data and Society at Central European University and Senior Editor at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

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