"Well think it [data driven marketing] is very confusing for everyone at the moment. There isn’t a great deal of clarity around what’s gonna happen next.

On one hand you have the IAB’s Project Rearc which appears to be focusing on identity based marketing solutions, sort of solutions whenever you visit a publisher’s website or if you go to a brand website, you would enter an e-mail address or some other piece of personal information. That’s likely to be clunky, that needs to be improved.

If you look at what Google are proposing in the realms of the W3C, which is the forum for example they’ve directed people to talk to, those solutions around cohort based marketing that also remove a lot of use cases, so that is confusing, as well.

Every week there are an increasing number of bird-related acronyms for those of us who follow it in detail to get our heads around. So I think for the average industry participants it’s extremely confusing at the moment." – James Rosewell, CEO and Founder of 51 Degrees.

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