"It’s a very diverse sector.... We at CoinNewsExtra we’re focusing mainly on FinTech, Cryptocurrency, BlockChain, and so there are many challenges facing this sector, especially in this niche we’re into – you know, the Blockchain and Crypto space is still very young.

Challenges we’re facing, number one here in Africa is equipment and another thing is streaming. These are one of the challenges we are facing.... let me break it down... when it comes to finance, starting up a media platform, the equipment you need to start the platform so you go through hell to get those funds in Africa for a media platform and more especially that this is a very niche. Streaming is one the the challenges: network and there are many times when you have programmes running our network will be a very big challenge of how you transmit your broadcast.

And another thing is the governments. They are still challenges in this space so you have to be careful especially here in Africa, in Nigeria there are some regulation surrounding the media sector so you have to abide by them and sometimes the regulations are not startup friendly to media platforms so you have to adhere strictly to those rules and regulations.” -  said Lee Ucheoma Ohaeri, CEO at CoinNewsExtra.

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