"I’d like to think that focusing on Govtech should take with regards to the media is increasingly appreciating as quickly as possible that we’re very much a global economy. Things like GDPR and CCPA in California, these regulations are meant to help protect people in some way, and the challenge though that they create is that thanks to the internet, because of the internet every business, not just media companies, is in fact a global company. And while governments are looking out for our best interest, we hope, to a great extent, we also have to appreciate that the local laws and regulations, effectively have to apply to everybody because of the internet and it’s a burden because small businesses, in particularly such as artists and musicians and so forth, they can’t necessarily afford to comply with those challenges, to comply with those regulations. So I would encourage in GovTech and technology and through governments to appreciate in general to appreciate, most important, that internet has made our world much smaller ... and our regulations have to account for that. We need to appreciate that our audiences are global, that our communities are global, that the challenges of other countries are our challenges, and if we don’t tackle those together, we’re actually creating far more problems for the economy than we’re gonna create solutions for people.”- Paul O’Brien, Founder & CEO of MediaTech Ventures.

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