"I would say that the fact that there is a huge mayhem right now and everyone throws information, now usually this information although it was there also before maybe was not that crucial for our lives, for our health. Right now this this information is super crucial and we are struggling, we don't know who to believe. So media, I think, when it comes to transmitting or transferring the media nothing really changed much - the way we consume it, I think stays the same but the amounts have increased significantly. 

And, by the way, you can call maybe media what you read on the internet but media right now is also every zoom call that you do is media. Every conference that you do virtual is media. Still this is adopting.  I can say that sponsors don't think that, I think, that doing webinars really puts them in a position they want to give you now support. And during those events I think this is now shifting so I think advertising now is under a big change to adjust to the fact that we are going virtual all around.” – Tal Catran, Accelerators Guru, International Keynote Speaker, Professional Moderator and Startup Ecosystems Builder.

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