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Premium1: Leadership Club (invite-only)     C-suites, seniors & leaders in business, gov and academia Corporate memberships: Single: €995 per year | SME (2-4 leaders): €2450 per year | Large: €9900 per year | Strategic: €17 900 per year


Year-end discount: -10% until end December 2022 with coupon MS22end 

Founded by some of the very first members, Mediaspace Leadership Club is an invite-only group of influential professionals in the media, marketing, tech and regulation space globally.

We bring together a diverse group of professionals. Our members are media and agency executives, marketers, founders, digital platform leaders and innovators, as well as legal, policy and regulatory decision-makers and academics. They share the ambition to actively transform the industry during these crucial times.

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  • Network- Extend your professional network globally, engage and influence.
  • Introductions-Get introductions’, a new feature we're testing on Mediaspace to provide personal online introductions between our premium members for business and other professional collaboration purposes.
  • Visibility- Speaking opportunities at Mediaspace’s public and club events with pre and post-event communication.
  • Engagement- Launch your Discussion Group with at least quarterly online meet-ups and grow your global 'tribe' in your professional niche.
  • Insights- Access high-level masterclasses and thought-provoking proprietary, independent strategic reports designed to propel you forward and open up new possibilities. 
  • Unlimited access- to News, Mediaspace Members’ Daily videos, Innovate and MarketWatch content and functions.
  • Corporate visibility for Large and Strategic: sponsorships 
  • Visibility+ for Large and Strategic: leaders' visibility & connectivity boost, thought leadership support 
  • Training: Additional discounts for The Well-Connected Leader Course by

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Premium2: Level Up   Professionals looking for the next opportunity   €3.95 per week | €169 per year
  • Further build your professional brand
  • Increase your visibility: post/share your news, insights, innovation, jobs, events in a relevant environment
  • Share your expertise by appearing on a Mediaspace Members’ Daily Video*
  • Attend any of our events, share views & further build your personal network digitally
  • Unlimited access to Jobs, News, Mediaspace Members’ Daily videos & Innovate
  • Access Marketwatch & Talk sections (limited)

Premium3: Next Gen   Ideal for students & career starters   €3.95 per month | €39.5 per year
  • Learn building the Professional You & network
  • Connect with professionals globally
  • Increase your visibility: post/share your news, insights, innovation, jobs, events
  • Attend any of our events with industry representatives to learn & connect
  • Unlimited access to Jobs, News, Mediaspace Members’ Daily videos & Innovate
  • Access Marketwatch & Talk sections (limited)
  • Join Mediaspace Global Ambassador programme