A new research by Harward Business Review found „...our professional and personal networks have shrunk by close to 16% — or by more than 200 people — during the pandemic. Network shrinkage has some serious downsides. It can make finding a job more difficult. It can hinder career progress and make it harder to get promoted. For companies, it can lead to less creativity and more groupthink. People with fewer connections at work have a decreased sense of belonging and are less likely to identify with the organization, which puts them at higher risk of turnover and possibly even fraud and negligence. ... What’s unusual about the pandemic is that old relationships aren’t being replaced by new ones. At a time when many people are struggling with loneliness and feeling disconnected from work, it’s more imperative than ever to be intentional about maintaining connections to casual acquaintances.”

HBR  advices to focus on reconnection. We suggest more: build new professional connections.

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