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Mediaspace is leading through the new normal and beyond

In these extraordinary times of uncertainty, global crisis, outdated regulation and social distancing, your professional network is more important the ever. 

COVID-born Mediaspace helps you grow a valuable professional network, stay up-to-date and find new opportunities in this new normal and beyond.



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Mediaspace provides a virtual space for a wide range of professionals
related to the media space, including:
  • Media, advertising, marketing, PR professionals
  • Digital platform specialists
  • Regulators, policy makers, trade bodies
  • Consultants, lawyers, innovators
  • Academics, NGO's

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Registered member (free)   Networking, sharing & basic content  
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  • Connect professionals globally
  • Post, share your news, insights
  • List your innovation, jobs, events
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    Marketwatch & Talk sections (limited)
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Premium 1: Next Gen   Ideal for students & career starters   €3.95 per month | €39.5 per year
  • Learn building the Professional You
  • Connect with professionals globally
  • Increase your visibility: post/share your news,
    insights, innovation, jobs, events
  • Attend any of our events with industry
    representatives to learn & connect
  • Unlimited access to Jobs, News,
    Mediaspace Members’ Daily videos & Innovate
  • Access Marketwatch & Talk sections (limited)
  • Join Mediaspace Global Ambassador programme
Premium2: Level Up   Professionals looking for the next opportunity   €3.95 per week | €169 per year
  • Further build your professional brand
  • Increase your visibility: post/share your news,
    insights, innovation, jobs, events in a relevant environment
  • Share your expertise by appearing
    on a Mediaspace Members’ Daily Video*
  • Attend any of our events, share views & further build
    your personal network digitally
  • Unlimited access to Jobs, News,
    Mediaspace Members’ Daily videos & Innovate
  • Access Marketwatch & Talk sections (limited)
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Premium 3: Leadership (Invite-only)    C-suites, seniors & leaders in business, gov and academia   995 per year


Founded by some of the very first members, Mediaspace Leadership Club is an invite-only group of influential professionals in the media, marketing, tech and regulation space globally.

We bring together a diverse group of professionals. Our members are media and agency executives, marketers, founders, digital platform leaders and innovators, as well as legal, policy and regulatory decision-makers and academics. They share the ambition to actively transform the industry during these crucial times.

Why join?

  • Network- Extend your professional network globally, engage and influence.
  • Introductions- ‘Get introductions’, a new feature we're testing on Mediaspace to provide personal online introductions between our premium members for business and other professional collaboration purposes.
  • Visibility- Speaking opportunities at Mediaspace’s public and club events with pre and post-event communication.
  • Insights- Access high-level masterclasses and thought-provoking proprietary, independent strategic reports designed to propel you forward and open up new possibilities. 
  • Unlimited access- to News, Mediaspace Members’ Daily videos, Innovate and MarketWatch content and functions.

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Members’ benefits
Specialized in media, marketing, tech and related regulation, policy

making and innovation, offers new ways to connect,
to stay up-to-date and to find new opportunities.

Connect global industry network 
  • Connect professionals globally
  • Enjoy bubble-free, open feed: beyond your friends’ posts
  • Further build your professional personal brand
  • Increase your visibility in a relevant space
More personal knowledge sharing
  • Watch Members’ Daily Videos, webinars with B2B influencers
  • Stay up-to-date by curated news and insights
  • Get exclusive, independent strategic insights on platforms vs media
  • Attend members-to-members conversations at our events
  • Find your next job, investment, investor
  • Showcase your professional services, innovation at Mediaspace –
    inclusive for any size and locality
  • Find potential prospects, collaborators in a global market
  • Sell your professional services via Mediaspace
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Company number 10883286.

Ownership: Whitereport Global Limited is owned by the founder, key team members & angel investors. 

If you are interested in partnering with or investing in Mediaspace, please drop us a line.

Mediaspace is a vertical social platform - a B2B/B2G startup, operated by Whitereport Global Limited (London) with a back-office in Budapest.

The company board consists of
Founder, Kinga Incze, who is a former media agency executive, media expert and govtech innovator,
Chairman Hamish Sandison, international lawyer and
Non-executive director Phil McCauley, serial entrepreneur.

We’re proud to enjoy support from our virtual Leadership Group of high level industry experts and decision makers from London through New York to Dubai and Delhi.

Mediaspace is free to sign up. Subscription offers will be available soon.

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