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For our March Global Networking session, we invited 4 amazing professional women who are actively supporting other women to share their experiences on how they get connected and network. Watch our first short video from the session and discover valu


In 2023 we continued to have progressive conversations all year round to include 20+ mostly online interactive events plus our first summit at the intersection of media, marketing, tech and regulation. Here's a short video with some of our fun m

As we prepare for our next Global Leadership Club session on Thursday 30th November. Here's a quick look back at our highlight video from our Q4 Leadership Club London roundable in September. 

Mediaspace Leadership Club is a global, invite-only memb

At our Leadership Club London Q2 roundtable this week we gave online audience measurement in light of 3rd party cookie deprecation the spotlight on our agenda to discuss how this essential industry tool is going to transform, what

As we appraoch our next Leadership Club London roundtable discussion, it's great to reflect on the comments from our Chairman and host, Hamish Sandison following our last session.

The next in-person Leadership Club roundtable will be taking place on was designed to be a global platform to connect professionals from different segments and locality of the media space to start conversations that might lead to partnerships and business. After meeting hundreds of professionals on

It's always useful getting feedback from our attendees from our events. It was great to speak with Ian Whittaker, Media/ Martech/ Tech Analyst, Founder and City AM and Campaign columnist to get his thoughts after our Leadership Club London roundtabl

Feedback is key to us at That's why it was great to have a quick chat with our keynote speaker from our Leadership Club London roundtable discussion yesterday, Philip Marsden, Deputy Chair, Enforcement Decision Making Committee at

If you missed our June Global Networking session, check out our highlight video here. Kinga Incze discussed why we need specialised networking sessions for women with our special guests Alana Karen and Marily Nika. 

Alana is an award-winning tech lea