Exclusive video interview with Dr Noa Nguyen, Merrill College of Journalism


"When we teach the classes we have to update our toolbox all the time with new analytic software. For this semester you may use this one but next semester because the market has changed and we need new tools for analysis. So in one way or another, we always have to follow the trend and try to run out to them like in a marathon... so that is kind of a big challenge to a media practitioner professional and even teachers like us. ... We saw the differences as well as a media practitioner myself, in the past, I used to manage a newsroom in Vietnam, my home country, and I'm thinking hard about trusting the media right now it hard for us to say that news source is the most reliable one - now we cannot say so anymore and then a lot of other concepts that provoke our thoughts about how this world is you know operating post-truth or new normal or misinformation, disinformation and here comes a lot of AI tools....as you know in China in 2018 they already have a robot robotic news anchors and those are the developments that bring up a lot of changes to the media landscape, especially in digital journalism.” – Dr Hoa Nguyen, from Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland.

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