Every business starts with a conversation. 

So FLOWW, the platform that connects startups and investors in a network of merit and real data decided to help facilitate more conversations between founders and investors in the media space, on Mediaspace.global.

If you're investing, fundraising, connecting parties or providing fundraising related services in the media and madtech space, this event and group are for you.

We had a great conversation on the 26th of October 2021 with

  • Annabel Acton as event host. She's Creative Director at Afterwork Ventures, also co-founder of Neverlikeditanyaway.com. She has spun it off into a book, a product and soon to be a TV show
  • Martijn De Wever, CEO of FLOWW, the platform that connects startups and investors in a network of merit and real data
  • Magda Lukaszewicz, VC at Balderton Capital
  • Kinga Incze, Founder & CEO of Mediaspace.global at Whitereport Global Limited
  • Investors & startups in the media & madtech space.

Did you miss the event? Watch our highlight videos here.

Want to join the Floww Talks Funding group? Go directly to the group by signing up here.


Episode 1: The power of community and storytelling in VC

Episode 2.: Creating new ways for startups to meet investors

Episode 3: Data and knowledge help capital flow in the right direction

"The data and the knowledge that can be derived is to help the ecosystem and help capital actually flow in the right direction." - Martijn De Wever, CEO of FLOWW.

Episode 4: Ep. 4.: Opportunities to shortcut the fundraising journey

"This fragmented market, both on the supply and demand side, I mean startups and investors, should meet somehow more effectively. And that's why we just try to use all possible platforms and opportunities - and create opportunities, events like this in order to make connections warmer and to shortcut this journey." - Kinga Incze, Founder & CEO of Mediaspace.global at Whitereport Global Limited.


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