Global Networking, Highlights - April 2022

The pandemic has fundamentally changed professional communication and so business development and ad sales, media sales. The digital space, especially social media has become more important than ever.  

We at are committed to helping our members reconnect, and network in the digital space - even beyond your usual circles. For our April global networking event we invited B2B sales, business development and cross-cultural communication specialists for a panel discussion and a member-to-member discussion.

If you’re looking to build your network or business or you’re in search of new partners and you missed our April Global Networking session, watch our highlight video of the session.

Our special guests were 

  • Angela M. Mootz, Senior Director, Corporate Membership & Sponsorship at IAA Global
  • Alastair Armstrong, Co-founder and Fixer at 
  • Sarah Vincent, Senior Director, Strategic Partner Development at Index Exchange
  • Adam Grey, social selling expert, Co-Founder of DLA Ignite

Join us in May, it's going to be our 2nd birthday party! You can register here.

Pre-register for our Well-connected leader course.  If you have been working hard but you didn’t deal with your professional visibility and brand since the pandemic, this video course which includes a free consultation is designed for you.