Welcome to the new world of live global professional conversations!

What is a Mediaspace Discussion Group exactly? This is a virtual space for ambitious leading professionals. You can invite and grow your own "professional tribe" globally. 

You can enjoy the premium social media features of Mediaspace.global, including Get Introductions! and a stable link and tech hosting in your Discussion Group for your regular online meetups.

We expect you to do at least one meetup per quarter. It's up to you - some of our hosts do monthly, others organise bi-monthly or quarterly events online. 


3 easy steps to launch your Discussion Group

Step 1: Become a Leadership Club member.

  • It's an invite-only club for leading professionals globally with an annual membership fee. If you're in a leading position in media, marketing, tech or regulation, apply for membership. It's inclusive - you might be a corporate leader or a founder of a new startup with an ambition to lead the conversation on a certain topic related to the media space.
  • After you get the confirmation, pay the annual fee here.

Step 2: Onboarding

  • Send us what title and image you plan to use and customise your group. Define the date and time of your first live meet-up.
  • Our consultant will come back to you to onboard you. It's not more than 30 minutes of a video call.

Step 3: Launch

  • Start inviting your professional contacts to the group.
  • Create your event page on Mediaspace & invite attendees to your meetup on Mediaspace, Linkedin and other platforms where you're active professionally.

See great examples of launching Discussion Groups here: The Women in Programmatic Network, or the upcoming SEA: change.


Are you an organisation considering leading the conversation on a topic and engage with your audience?

You can start a branded Discussion Group as a sponsored group. Please contact us for more details.


Looking forward to having you joined and lead a new conversation.


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