Zineb Serroukh, Managing Editor of Media Law International and Kinga Incze, Founder & CEO of Mediaspace.global are inviting you to the Q1 2024 MLI Network’s virtual roundtable to discuss current challenges and opportunities regarding publishers’ neighbouring rights, in light of digital competition challenges for publishers vs gatekeeper online platforms.

Despite digital markets being 20+ years old, publishers' neighbouring rights regulations are 'early stage' or difficult to enforce these rights.  Since the boom of generative AI in 2023, another layer has been added to the issue.

The root of the problem lies in market power differences between publishers and gatekeeper online platforms. Take a quick look at the Mediaspace Revenue Tracker to see that the revenue gap between platforms and media companies, including publishers, keeps growing – not to mention information, data assets asymmetry. 

It is becoming clear after 5 years, that the EU Copyright Directive is hard to implement and does not work in practice. The latest (but not greatest) news for publishers is that the tariff submitted by the Hungarian Repropress (collective management organization) was not accepted by the Ministry of Justice in Hungary on 4 March 2024, despite the tariff being similar to the Canadian one agreed to and paid by Google.

So we invited Tibor Kovacs, CEO of Ringier Hungary and Hungarian Publishers' Association to share some new learnings and takeaways regarding their tariff process in implementing the EU's Copyright Directive as a keynote to kick off the conversation.  

The objective of this invite-only, exclusive session under Chatham House Rules is to exchange knowledge and empower others to collaborate more effectively to create a fair copyright fee system as promptly as possible. It is not a webinar but an interactive roundtable where you’ll be able to introduce yourself and share your views after the keynote speech.


  • Welcome by Kinga Incze, Founder & CEO of Mediaspace.global
  • Short keynote by Tibor Kovacs, CEO of Ringier Hungary and Hungarian Publishers' Association, also leading the collective society of publishers.
  • Member-to-member conversation

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