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Despite digital markets being 20+ years old, publishers' neighboring rights regulations are 'early stage' or difficult to enforce their rights.  Since the boom of generative AI in 2023 another layer has been added to the issue.

The root of the problem lies in market power differences between publishers and gatekeeper digital platforms.

It's important to approach the problem at the intersection of different legal approaches, and most importantly, speak about the competition and data angles of the value gap. It requires professionally diverse conversations.

This virtual roundtable is for publishers, publisher- or copyright- and digital competition-related organisations and experts to discuss challenges and most importantly opportunities regarding the EU copyright directive (CDSM) and its implementation. Members outside the EU are also welcome to join as believe a global knowledge exchange can be even more powerful.  We'd also welcome platforms if they are open to joining the conversation.


  • Hosted by Hamish Ramsey Sandison, Dual International Lawyer (UK, US), Chairman of Mediaspace.global at Whitereport Global Limited
  • Welcome by Zineb Serroukh-Ouarda , managing editor of Media Law International
  • Short keynote by Kinga Incze, Founder & CEO of Mediaspace.global
  • Keynote speech
  • Member-to-member conversation

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Please note that seats are limited at each session to ensure quality conversations.


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Looking forward to meeting you.

Kinga                       &  Zineb

Mediaspace.global        Media Law International

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