Who is this event for?

If you're a professional in media, marketing, advertising, tech, law, regulation, policymaking, design and data science, studying or just starting your career, we invite you to join Mediaspace.global's Global Ambassador Circle.

Build or further grow your professional global network with meaningful connections, and learn the best practices of professional networking in 2021. Invite your colleagues, students, teachers and potential employer to join Mediaspace.

Benefit from our practical courses on how to do professional networking during the lockdown and beyond in the digital space - and learn practically by doing it for yourself!

Why join the programme?

  • Building a strong social professional network has never been so important as during a global crisis.
  • It's never too early to build your professional network and never too late to further develop your digital social skills.
  • Easy to join. We offer monthly training sessions on professional networking - from 'how to begin' to how to do online networking, step by step!
  • You can increase your visibility, knowledge and experience on top of your growing network. The more you get in, the more you win.


  • Networking:
    • with Hamish Sandison, dual qualified international lawyer in the US and UK & Chairman of Mediaspace.global
    • Kinga Incze, founder of Mediaspace, Whitereport Global Limited
    • Phil McCauley, Chief Executive, First Fixation, The Global Digital Rights Platform & Non-Executive Director of Mediaspace.global
    • Jay Dhruv, Global Network Manager at the International Advertising Association
    • Other attendees, including you!
  • Interactive training session with Kinga Incze, founder of Mediaspace.

How to attend?

1) In order to attend the event, you must be a registered member of Mediaspace.global. So SIGN IN / UP to Mediaspace.global before the event.

2) Join us on 27th May from 2pm GMT! CLICK HERE TO ATTEND


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