• Oct 30, 2024 from 11:00am to 6:00pm
  • Location: Virtual & London
  • Latest Activity: Jul 5

About the Summit

After a successful first Mediaspace Global Changemakers’ Summit in 2023, our invitation-only, interactive virtual summit with a London base continues in 2024. It is the crown jewel of our regular premium membership gatherings at the Mediaspace Global Leadership Club, providing a full day of cutting-edge conversations.

Mediaspace. Global was awarded the 'Most Engaging Tech and Media Sector Networking Award' and the 'Best B2B Social Media Platform Innovation' in the UK in 2023, and the Changemakers' Summit purposefully offers the same: a uniquely interactive and engaging space.

Senior decision-makers and innovators from the media, marketing, advertising, tech , legal and regulatory space will come together ready to spark ideas, create impactful conversations and make long-lasting connections.

Whether you’re an established executive in media, marketing, or ad tech, an innovator, lawyer, consultant, or regulator, you’ll find the conversations insightful. We’ll discuss four key issues in the global media and advertising space and opportunities to stay ahead of the curve and find new opportunities outside our current circles.

The guest list is limited to 250 attendees. Those in attendance include the European Commission, Viber, Morson Coors, The Economist, Media Law International and more. We apply our highly engaging Leadership Club format to the Summit: every attendee will be able to introduce themselves, participate in the conversations and make powerful new connections in a private, trustworthy and professionally diverse global network environment.


The media and advertising industry is at a critical inflection point today. The ongoing transformation and disruption volume calls for cross-sectional global conversations to inspire collaboration and action.

Facing new regulations and their unintended consequences in privacy, digital competition, copyright legislation; facing the global economic and climate crisis; and facing the disruption of Artificial Intelligence and the new waves of web3 and web4, leaders in the media and advertising space have more burning issues to deal with than ever before.

Prepare for a full-day event of cutting-edge conversations in interactive online sessions amongst a diverse group of leaders, experts, and innovators from the media, advertising, marketing, tech, regulatory, and innovation space globally—where you're not just an audience but an active part of the conversation.

At the Mediaspace Global Changemakers' Summit you'll experience how powerful it is to belong to a professionally and globally diverse network of ambitious and open-minded professionals to stay ahead of the curve and find new opportunities.

Whether you're a Mediaspace Global Leadership Club member already, or this Summit will be your first meeting with our progressive and engaging globally growing community, you'll benefit from meeting new people, approached and actionable insights outside your current circles.

At the Mediaspace Global Changemakers' Summit, we'll look at

  1. Addressing the shift in the digital advertising market in the context of privacy, competition and effectiveness in a new regulatory landscape.
  2. Addressing the impact of AI on traffic, search, media & adtech for practitioners, regulators and innovators in the media, publishing and advertising space.
  3. Addressing monetisation for traditional media, incumbent online platforms and new tech in the context of changing competition, copyright and taxation regulations, and the current economic climate
  4. Addressing sustainability challenges and opportunities in the media, advertising and platform space in the context of campaign effectiveness and quick actions.

The super-early-bird ticket price is €99 until the end of June 2024, €199 until the end of July 2024, €299 until the end of August 2024, €399 until the end of September 2024, €499 until 31 October 2024.

You may also purchase one of the 20 Golden Tickets for €995 per person. These tickets provide exclusive one-on-one meeting opportunities online and offline (hybrid) in London.

Who's the Mediaspace Global Changemakers' Summit for?

  • C -level decision-makers in media, ad-tech, marketing, tech, law, government, academy
  • Innovators in media, adtech, marketing, digital sustainability, data, privacy or any combination of these
  • No company size or location matters

How to attend?

Participation in the Summit is by invitation.

  1. Drop us an email to get invited: kinga.incze@mediaspace.global.
  2. Book your complimentary ticket if you are a Mediaspace Leadership Club member. Please contact Lavina Suthenthiran to claim your code to book your free ticket.

Changemaker? Join the conversation

Be a speaker: Message Kinga Incze

Be a sponsor: Message Evgeny Popov

Be a media partner: Message Kinga Incze


Agenda and further details 

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