The pandemic has fundamentally changed professional communication. The digital space has become more important than ever for professionals to reconnect, connect, further build their reputation, visibility. Many professionals have built their personal brand and visibility in the physical era before the global COVID pandemic, and some of them have not been developed their digital B2B footprint, keep losing visibility. 

We at are committed to helping our members reconnect, network in the digital space - even beyond your usual circles. For the next global networking event we invite B2B PR and branding specialists and a personal branding expert for a panel discussion to discuss what professionals can learn in terms of self-PR, visibility, reputation and personal brand building.

We'll discuss topics like what's the difference between branding a company, a brand, or a person? What is the minimum level of personal branding and self-PR in the digital era and a hybrid workplace for professionals to promote themselves? How can you find your own style, your own ways to be visible when we have less contact points in-person? 

Join the interactive event and the conversation, it's free for all Mediaspace members!

Why join?

  • Learn about B2B  PR experts about building the Professional You in the digital space - and share your experiences with other members
  • Meet people, not profiles at our interactive session
  • By attending this and further Mediaspace interactive meetups, start further building your social professional network digitally 
  • Find relevant connections out of your current professional circles by starting new conversations - because every collaboration, business starts with a conversation.


  • Welcome by Kinga Incze, founder of Mediaspace, Whitereport Global Limited
  • Fireside chat with our special guests:
    • Julia Linehan (UK), Founder and CEO of The Digital Voice
    • Diya Asrani (India), Founder of Design Your Presence
    • Farrell Tan (Malaysia), Co-founder and CEO of Orchan Consulting Asia
  • Attendee's short introductions 
  • Members-to-members conversations

How to attend?

It's a free event for Mediaspace members. If you're not a member yet, sign up for here to join leading professionals globally and the conversation.

 Looking forward to meeting you soon.

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