"Information, sources and resources are so complicated. It's really hard for us as a small organization to have the technical support to reach people in the many, many ways that people receive information and so we are challenged to keep up with social media on 4/5 platforms, while we're creating electronic newsletters, putting our resources online (on Zoom) and not everybody is going to be on Zoom all the time, so we're losing some people who liked in-person contact." - Alma Robinson, Executive Director, California Lawyers for the Arts.

This interview is very special to us as Mediaspace chairman Hamish Sandison has just set off to California to present an award at California Lawyers for the Arts’ 14th Annual Artistic License Awards this Saturday. 

Hamish has made an outstanding contribution to the arts community of the San Francisco Bay Area as the Co-founder and first Executive Director of Bay Area Lawyers for the Arts (BALA) from 1974, a non-profit organization which as California Lawyers for the Arts (CLA) continues to provide free legal services to artists and arts organizations throughout the State of California. Our interviewee Alma Robinson is the 4th executive director of CLA.

 Stay tuned for the next episode - in the meantime, watch the previous expert video interviews here.

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