Exclusive video interview with Rimjhim Gour, investigative journalist


"India has more than 600, 000 villages in total and that's a big number. I mean for any country. Our economy is primarily based out of agriculture. Now the issue is that most of these villages do not even have their basic amenities in place: we don't have basic or adequate water supply, even if we have water supply, we don't have the quality of water, so that people keep falling sick time and again. Even if they fall sick, they don't have proper health facilities because most of the rural villages lack even primary health care. We again, you know, don't have basic educational facilities in place and whatnot. Now the issue is that globalization might have closed gaps between the continents and the countries, but at the same time people have lost touch with their own land - and that's the reason that people of course have empathy but there's no genuine concern towards reading about these villages or reading journalistic efforts about what people have been doing about it. And that's the very reason that today journalists are very hesitant to go to these villages to report about them. Until we report about them we can't expect any development to happen, because there's no one, no gatekeeper to highlight the issue.” – Rimjhim Gour, Investigative Journalist and Political Consultant.

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