Exclusive video interview with Zsofia Toth, Euronews


"I'm a very big believer also the direct negotiations or direct communication with buyers and with publishers as well. So I think so this is the time that we should think about other publishers as an alliance rather than the competitors and share knowledge, experience as well as educate together the buyer's side. So it would be a good revenue maker for publishers if they get it right is creating new revenue streams. For news publishers creating subscription-based models, it's extremely difficult. So I would say for us a soft subscription model would be more beneficial like just getting a free or rewarded video or on the other hand we could create more brand-safe hubs, channels, verticals as well as just creating a deep dive analysis around a very interesting topic let's say and create the space for the value exchange.” – Zsofia Toth, Programmatic and Adtech Lead at Euronews.

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