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by Daniel Solove



In this Article, Professor Daniel Solove deconstructs and critiques the privacy paradox and the arguments made about it. The “privacy paradox” is the phenomenon where people say that they value privacy highly, yet in their

The 2021 edition of the CMS expert guide to 5G regulation and law study includes summaries of some of the key 5G-related regulatory positions underway in over 30 markets. It covers new topics such as network sharing and equipment providers’ limited a

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After a 2020 that is rated as the worst year for some time, people around the world are looking forward to 2021 for their country, their families and themselves, according to a new Ipsos' Global Advisor poll in 31 countries. However, worries about th

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In December 2020, IAB Europe released its ‘Guide to Ad Fraud’, to help drive media quality and effectiveness in the digital advertising industry.

This guide has been developed by experts from IAB Europe’s Quality a

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