Exclusive video interview with Douglas Mochrie, AIRO.LIFE / OHANA


"Well, there's been many challenges in the past few years [in mobile advertising] we've seen what's gone on with the new regulatory practices worldwide, GDPR, privacy restrictions, namely cookies, the ability to track and hyper-target users around their needs and wants. So every pro there's always a con and every con there's always a pro, but the ability to track is very useful for many people, namely in grocery stores say you had a mobile phone and you're going down an aisle and you were going to buy peanut butter... if we could target you ten feet or three meters, I'll do that for people in the UK and Canada. But... you're ten feet out and we could give you a sale on a competing brand or a brand of the same calibre and quality at a lower price in real-time - that has a lot of power. So, there are advantages to being able to track people that want it. And you'll be surprised how many people who don't care about privacy because they do understand that they are receiving something in exchange.” - Douglas Mochrie, CEO & Founder of AIRO.LIFE (soon OHANA).

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