Exclusive video interview with Renee Wagner, Kontrol


"I'd say [the challenges in strategic marketing is] making tech sexy because a lot of the time it's very engineer based. It's not something that everyone's gonna understand and making it exciting and making people understand, truly understand what it's about. So you know creating visuals that people understand are usually very key. The challenges we face are definitely with gaining acceptance by the general public because the things we're doing are brand new, you know, and everyone's always scared of something new. So I'd say public acceptance is one thing and also, you know, when we're talking about legislation and policies and all these things, we actually need to be part of the conversation to push the right policies forward to make these things applicable and possible. So a lot of the PR strategy actually goes into lobbying as well, because we need to lobby with the right people with governments, with agencies, the policymakers to actually push these ideas. We push these ideas ahead we don't necessarily have the rules that we need to stick to yet because it's never been done before.” – Renée Wagner, VP for Strategy, Marketing and PR at Kontrol.

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