Exclusive video interview with Farrell Tan, Orchan

Exclusive video interview with Farrell Tan, Orchan


"I think one of the most common things [challenges] that brands tend to underestimate is how diverse Asia is. You know, a lot of them fall into the trap of treating each country within the region to be the same rather than considering the vast cultural differences between each of them and how these markets or media actually operate. ... I guess for brands you know in order for them to get anywhere within this region they need to address local issues, they need to showcase local stories or case studies, or even proof points. So, you know, working partnerships with huge global brands are very important but there has to be a localized element to it to the PR or even to marketing activity for it to actually resonate with people within Asia. But I think the biggest challenge for Asia but not only Asia I think globally is the fact that it's changed you know it's changing so quickly, you know so you know it's basically keeping up with change.” – Farrell Tan, Founding Partner, Orchan Consulting.

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