The guide of the UK Government Communication Service.

"In this guide we outline the key steps content producers, designers and community managers can take to create social media campaigns that meet the standards of accessibility required from government communicators. 

It’s been designed to be quick and simple to adopt – you don’t need lots of training or expensive tools. There is plenty of support available and we include routes to further learning, and downloadable templates for your teams to use later in the guide."

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"In the US we have many public health agencies that get thousands and thousands of faxes a day with lots of results with COVID. So this thing about data analytics – yes, there is a huge demand for predictive analysis and algorithm and looking at even GIS maps and where is the virus hitting the most, but – it also reminds us something so fundamental, which is:…

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Welcome to the second of three special episodes of Mediaspace Members’ Daily. We’ll be reflecting back on some of the highlights from our interviews over the past few months since we launched, focusing on OPPORTUNITIES as high level professionals see them these days.

Mediaspace has beta launched on the 12 May 2020, in historic times when the COVID crisis was around its peak, the economy and the media industry…

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