"Two years ago, we launched News Consumer Insights (NCI) to try to solve a common industry challenge: News organizations were swamped with data. Our news partners big and small, national and local, shared a need to identify the metrics that actually matter to their businesses. And then they wanted to turn that data into insights and actions that advance their revenue goals.

NCI, our audience development tool built on top of Google Analytics, has helped thousands of news organizations in nearly 130 countries make data-driven business decisions that grow reader loyalty and increase profitability. Last year, we expanded this approach with Realtime Content Insights (RCI), a tool to help journalists make data-driven editorial decisions informed by what’s popular on their site and what topics are trending on the web.

With these free tools, we’ve been focused on simplifying the data available to news publishers. While many partners have seen positive results (like Lee Enterprises, which grew their digital subscriptions business by three times), we knew we could do more to evolve our framework. That’s why we’re launching a new suite of tools with greater insights and business recommendations to help news companies achieve digital growth.

Better data with News Tagging Guide

Today, we’re introducing News Tagging Guide (NTG), a new tool that helps news organizations make the most of Google Analytics by identifying the engagement metrics that matter for their audience and revenue growth. We’ve worked closely with news organizations to identify the right data points to measure, and within the tool, grouped them into three categories: video analytics, reader engagement and reader revenue."

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6549683300?profile=RESIZE_710x "So what is important to realise when it comes to internet of things is that it’s been there for a couple of years and in the past five years it’s exploded and entered the world of every vertical. But what’s important to say is that it’s all about connecting the real data, having the real insights – real data in real time which helps the companies to make decisions, real time decisions, not just a year laters.
So I…

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